Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sewing Room | Flannel Roses

Flannel Floral Jim jams - the new cozy.
Notched collar, self-fabric piping, 3/4 sleeves.  Scalloped topstitching.

This winter, I'm all about romantic and luxurious comfort.  Why be fashionable if you're freezing and frigid?  Also, why be warm and comfortable if you look like a frumpish fright?
Why not be warm, snuggly, fabulous, and fashionable all at once?
Why indeed.

That's why a pair of honest-to-goodness pajamas seemed in order, complete with piping, a collar, and big blue roses.

So these came to be, after an evening of drafting, stitching, and watching My Fair Lady with Ellen.
Best worn with a loose braid and hot coco cupped between fingers, sitting cross-legged on the bed.  Wood stove, cat, sisters, and period dramas optional but recommended.  Definitely try this at home.

For those of you who might want a pair of your own, the design is loosely based off of Butterick B5330 and McCall's M4769.
Or, as always, contact me if you'd like to commission my services to make you one custom!


  1. Those are the most adorable pajamas! I love the blue floral print. It's so pretty!

  2. Those are probably the cutest pajamas I've ever seen! If I had a pair like that, I probably wouldn't mind staying in it all day.(: perhaps it's time to attempt to sew my first pair of pajamas...(;


  3. I'm with Vicki (except for the sewing my own part...) Absolutely adorable. love your vision!

  4. Ohhh, I really like them :) I think I'd ought to pull out the sewing machine again and whip some up, nothing like a good pair of cozy pj's!

  5. These PJs are just the cat's meow! Are they adorable or what?!! I love the blue roses with that rich green trim. They sure would make a wonderful Christmas present under the tree for somebody! These PJs and someone's favorite movie ( and lately that looks to be anything Dr. Who) someobody would be so thrilled and excited! Based on all of the excitement at Tasha's Whovian blog party, there are about 15 young lassies that would love such a combo under the tree with their name on it. Don't you think?

  6. We love flannel jammies. We live in an old farm house and heat with wood. It's always chilly in the winter. I love your PJ's.


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