Friday, November 09, 2012

Wall Tent Studio Tour | the movie

Are you ready, my friends?
I am so excited to present the first ever cinematic Wall Tent studio tour! 

It's far from professional, it's not even as good as I thought it was late last night when I finished it.  But it's a start.  Someday I'll get nerve enough to actually speak in front of that camera, but for now, come inside and make yourselves at home.

Welcome to my world.  

You'll meet the newest member of the wall tent family - Madeline, the MacBook Pro!  Of course Judy, my faithful wood stove, is a prominent subject, as is Tommy teakettle.  Petrov and his cousin Francis make a fleeting appearance - can you spot them?
 I made caramel apples the other day, and had one for breakfast.  A new skirt design is on the sewing table, in the middle of being embroidered.  My shoes under the stove where they keep toasty till I need to go out.
Just a simple day in the studio - nothing special or prepped.
The soundtrack is one I've been playing a lot lately - the raw acoustics and moody Autumnal feel make me sad.  And sad is happy, for deep people.

All this filmed yesterday, just hours before the big snowstorm hit.  The whole world is white now, and probably will be for many months.  Isn't that perfect timing?
And now I have a question for you.  Yes, you, the beautiful soul reading these words.
Why do you read my blog?  How did you come here?  What's your story?

Three questions.  Be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  I want to connect with you, know who you are.  We're all a story.  I'm honored to know yours, and to know you've seen mine.


  1. Love the video, Kellie! Your caramel apple looks delicious. Mmmmm!

    Why do I read you blog?
    Well, I would have to say because I like what you post about and think we would be friends in real life.

    How did I find you?
    To tell you the truth, I can't remember at all. Probably from blog hopping? I found you back in the days before you switched to Blogger, lol! I'm glad I found your blog though, because I really enjoy reading it. :)

    1. I would love to meet you someday, Sereina! I't been so much fun to keep in touch with you over the years. You're such a blessing to me:)

    2. Aww! Your so sweet, Kellie. :) I agree, it's been tons of fun keeping in touch!

      I just Googled it and it's a little over 5 hours from my house to your area of Idaho. We need to make it happen someday! And if your ever in the Seattle area, be sure to let me know. Just be prepared for cold, wet weather. ;)

    3. That would be amazing. Let's do it! ;D

  2. Oh, La La! La tour de Wall Tent Studio est magnifique!! Et, la musique est parfait!!So, why do I read your blog? For inspiration, fashion, and tons of fun! How did I come to your blog? I found you on Mary Jane's farm Connection when you first shared the set up of your Wall Tent Studio. What is my story? I am a fellow traveler of those who are exploring all that this beautiful life has to offer each of us. Even though I am decades older than Kellie, we have become friends through this blog and to that I say, thanks be to God! Keep up the great and beautiful work that you are doing!

    1. Winnie, you're the best;) Thanks so much for hopping on this Farmwagon with me!

  3. You have a beautiful home, Kellie! It's so wonderfully warm and cozy looking. Thank you for sharing it with us! I also love the soundtrack you chose.(:

    Hmmm...why do I read your blog? Probably for the same reason I read anyone's blog--I love getting a glimpse of other people's stories and their lives, because they're all beautiful in their own ways.(: you have an especially lovely blog, one that often makes me feel like a walk through the woods or a cup of tea. Beautiful words and photos are one of my favorite things to see on a blog...through them, a person can feel like she's discovered a kindred spirit.(:

    I'm not sure how I discovered your blog, but I believe it was though Tasha's blog. She spoke so highly of you and your blog that I just had to come and take a peek! And I'm very glad I did.(:


  4. I love it! Maybe not as good as you wanted it, but I think it's great:)

    Why do I read your blog?! Hahahaha! :D Okay, because you're my best friend...but I would read this blog even if you weren't. Because it's beautiful, and so are you.

    Love you! See you tonight, I hope=)

  5. I read your blog because it is a beautiful place--as beautiful as it's authoress. :) Your life (especially your wall tent!) is fascinating to me. I love all the pictures, I love your style, I love your joy in the Lord. "Accordion to Kellie" is one of my favorite, favorite blogs. . .and one of the few that I actually comment on (or am *starting* to comment on. ;) I'm a notorious non-commentor.)

  6. The video is beautiful Kellie! The reason I read your blog because you were the first Christian blog I found, your have a unique story with your wall tent studio and you take such beautiful pictures. I came here like I most of my blogs, clicking from one blog to the next. ☺


  7. Well first I want to say that it was so exciting seeing your world in real time! You take beautiful pictures, but there's nothing quite like a movie. I hope you make more! :D

    I read your blog because it is very, very inspiring, and you are a very creative young lady who makes gorgeous things. I think you and I have many similar interests, so that's what makes me hop over to your blog every time I see a new post on my blogger dashboard. :)

    I found your Etsy shop first, and I believe that referred me here.

    My story is a bit long and complicated, but to put it simply, I am a homeschool senior who has a strong interest in anything old fashioned, handcrafts of all kinds (sewing in particular), running my Etsy shop, living outside (just like you; yes, I want a wall tent so bad), country living, animals, nature... And your blog is a nice combination of all of those things, which is why I am here so often!

    God bless!
    Miss Elizabeth

  8. Oh! And I forgot to say that I LOVE what you said about how "sad is happy, for deep people." I totally agree, especially in terms of music. So many times my mom will walk into the room and tell me to turn off "that depressing music" but I can't see how anybody could miss the peacefulness and calm of it...

  9. Dearest Kellie,
    God bless your beautiful heart.
    You ask why I read your blog...the answer is simple really. I read your blog because you live in a canvas tent in Idaho,because you look at life as an adventure,because you love Christ,because you revel in old,dusty books...and Scotland.
    I guess I read your blog because I can relate to you and because I like to know there's someone out there like me.
    Much love from a Sister in Christ.
    Sarah J.

  10. I read your blog because: 1. I love your blog : ) 2. Your also a stay at home daughter (an endangered species) 3. I love your style 4. A lover of animals 5. I love your wall tent. Your just so creative.


  11. Well, I read because your blog is interesting, and shows a view of life I haven't seen.

    I came here from Atlanta Shannon's blog when you won the historical inspiration contest.

    Well, I'm Christian, homeschooled, live in the city, and enjoy many things. I want to live on a farm eventually.

    I probably wouldn't have commented if you hadn't posted those questions, at least not now. In fact, mostly I wouldn't comment even if someone asked questions.

  12. I read your blog, because of:
    - thoughtful blog posts (all the pretty things that follow would not work without this)
    - beautiful photos
    - beautiful clothes and outfits (my own blog is a dress diaries, after all) that are pretty and feminine yet practical - something I like a lot
    - the whole vintage-y charm of it
    - general inspiration

    I think I found you via Feelin' Feminine somehow, but I honestly don't remember anymore; it must have been a blog, anyway. I actually started reading your blog in the Plexipedia stage...

    My story? Still in the making. I'm Czech. I am Christian, from a Christian family, which is not exactly commonplace in this country. Currently attending university, so I feel a bit out of place among you homeschoolers and stay-at-home daughters; but at the same time, I feel more at place among you than in other places, so it balances out, and I think you have all helped me a lot to come to terms with my femininity. Seriously.
    On a less serious note, now you made me want caramelised apples. I shall have to adapt the recipe extensively, but I'll make it work! :D

  13. Hello Kellie!
    I absolutely adored having a tour of your tent. It seems such a peaceful and lovely place to relax and 'escape.' I only found your blog this month and have been stopping by regularly to look through your many previous posts. I am always drawn to come here because I find everything about your lifestyle to be so beautiful yet simple at the same time. The way your life comes across on your blog is slow paced, which is what I strive for. I have just started an Etsy shop selling vintage bone china over here in the north of England. I found you through looking for modest, pretty and handmade clothes on Etsy. I found what I was looking for at your shop, for certain! Now all I need to do is save up some money to buy the things I most like in your shop. I have been inspired to make my own clothes through your blog. I have started to search for fabrics and patterns. I just needed a bit of confidence that someone my own age could make such things and make them well, too! I heard you like all things Scottish, well I live near the border of the Scotts but we are still in England. I think I prefer it here in England. The Scotts don't take too kindly generally to our accent especially as I am originally from the South, he, he! I am sorry I am rambling there is so much I'd like to talk to you about. I hope you have a lovely week end, God Bless,
    P.S I was very glad to see that you have started to follow me on Pinterest! :D

  14. I read your blog because it makes me smile...glimpses of a life that's somewhat similar, yet incredibly different from mine. hopping, I think (: A friend of mine had referred to Day by Day, and from there I ended up here. And how thankful I am!
    My put it simply, I'm a east coast farm girl and avid equestrian who's learning to walk in His steps.

  15. That was gorgeous, Kellie.

    I started reading your blog because I was awed at the idea of someone living in a tent like that, to be honest. I have a deep respect for your hardiness. Then, I realized how PRETTY your wall tent is. Then I realized that I love your sense of style. Then I found out that you're a Whovian, which was of course the last straw. So I stayed. :)

    I can't remember where I found your blog. It might have been through Natasha's. (Day by Day.)

    My story? I'm a traditional Catholic with a dad in the Army. I'm never in one place for long. I'm a reader and a fairy-tale lover. My family is and always has been homeschooled. We wear skirts every day and try to be ladylike. (It doesn't always work out.) Yep, that's me.

  16. Hi Kelly,
    I am a homeschool mama with an 18 yo girl and 16 yo boy and 10 yo girl. I found your blog through Homeliving.blogspot and was intrigued with your tent living and found I really like your clothing style. My 10 yo daughter loves your blog too and we almost always read together. Your blog pictures often remind me of the old victoria magazine--your clothing style is classic and timeless, with great panache!

  17. Hi there Kellie!
    We just added your button to our favorites page. You can view it here:


  18. I found your blog through Grace's Garden Walk (Grace is a dear friend & pen-pal of mine). I just love the layout of your blog & everything that you post! It's always so inspiring, encouraging, & just so lovely! I hope to read many more posts from you in the future! :)

    ~Camille M.

  19. First of all, we have the same name with the same spelling. Secondly, because you live in a wall tent. I have a special fondness for wall tents seeing as we live in them during our Civil War reenactments. Thirdly, I love your vigor in life and your "non-conformity." Fourthly, because I love the apparent simplicity of your life; I admire that immensely about you. Fifthly, because your blog is so welcoming and homey. :) I think I found you by blog hopping, and your K-e-l-l-i-e caught me eye. :) My story? A 25 year old woman who loves family, photos and felines; who's been refined by fire but still seeks to find all of life's joy and wonders; one who craves after the lost art of simplicity. :)

  20. Kellie~

    My sister and I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago, around the same time I started mine. We were looking up things about Scotland and found your post which informed us that you were infatuated with it.
    US: ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooh.

    So we poked around some more, and decided that anyone who had hair long enough to challenge ours was a cool person. You seemed quite nice and friendly and that on top of the whole we-both-love-Scotland and we-both-have-long-hair, prompted me to click 'follow.'

    I'm glad I did, because your blog is fun to read AND look at, which doesn't actually happen a lot. :) I know I'm not much of a commenter....comment-er? But a lot of the time when I get the chance TO comment, everyone has already said what I'm thinking, and I feel like a bit of a copycat. :) So I just lurk around and read most of the time. Sorry. I shall attempt to be a better person in that regard. *grin*

    My story is simple: number seven in a family of eleven (not including brother and sister in-laws, nieces, nephews, adopted siblings and my huuuge extended family.) born and raised a Traditional Catholic, living by the Sierra Mountains' Lake Tahoe. I love drawing and singing, and recently I've taken a love of writing. Much more shy in real life than I appear in the blogging world, I can be very opinionated, but usually try to see other's viewpoints. There are occasions when my insanity shows through... *cough cough* but usually I have that under control in public. :D

    God bless, Kellie!


  21. I love the romanticism of your way of living, which is one of the reasons I read your blog. I love the joy you have for your life, for your friends, for the Lord, and for beautiful things.
    I came upon it through someone else's blog. . .no idea who's:)
    I am a girl who struggles with my self-image, and is slowly, slowly learning to find that image in Christ. My life seems very mundane compared to other people's, which is another issue to face through Christ. I make earrings, and am working on setting up my Etsy shop. I love coffee with cream, giving and receiving gifts, and 1 John.
    Kellie, thank you for being who you are. You are very, very special.
    P.S. I'd love to be virtual friends:D

  22. Hello Kellie!
    Thank you for the beautiful video! I love that you are trying to live in a self-sufficient sort of way! 'Tis very inspiring! :)

    Why do I read your blog?
    For manifold reasons... First and foremost, I love, love, love your heart for the Lord. Your blog has shown me that there really are other young women out there who love the Lord whole-heartedly! I also LOVE your fashion sense...It is so feminine! The fact that you are not trying to keep up with the latest runway fashions is such an encouragement to me! You write beautifully, your pictures are gorgeous, and the playlist on your blog is lovely. And one more thing... The fact that you try to live simply is sooooo inspiring!

    How did I come here?
    I found out about your blog from your interview with Atlanta over at the Sewing in the Past blog.

    What's my story?
    Oh, my... I am not quite sure how to begin. :) The Lord has been so faithful to me! I am a Christian, and I have been homeschooled all my life. I have struggled with my body-image, with fears, with the death (but truly-LIFE) of my dear brother, crushed dreams, nervousness, extreme introvertism, doubt, perfectionism... But through it all, the Lord Jesus has been teaching me that HE LOVES ME! :) I am planning on becoming a nurse and an author, wife, mother, and homemaker. But we shall see how the Lord leads... :)

    Thank you so much for blogging, Kellie! You DO NOT KNOW what a blessing and encouragement your posts have been to my heart! God bless you, dear sister in Christ!
    Love and Joy in Him, Rebecca :)

  23. Hello from Sweden!

    I'm a writer and a bookseller and I found your blog via Casey from Elegant Musings and the skirt you made from the same pattern as her. I've been following you on and off since then.

    I read your blog since it gives me a glimpse of a world I know nothing about, it is very different from my world and my life and I enjoy seening and reading about as many different worlds and lives as possible. It's all part of the Globe and I love it.

    Besides, your beautiful photographs does make it easy on the eyes.

    Best wishes,

  24. Why do I read your blog?
    Well, I found it last winter, and I first noticed your pretty pictures and pretty hair -- I was trying to grow my hair long at the time. (well, still am.) :) I noticed your love for the Lord, and your way of living intrigued me so much! I like your style, and your hardworking attitude encourages me to work harder and try new things. I love your love for the simple pretty everyday things. And your blog just seems so old-fashioned and homey.

    How did I come here?
    I don't really remember. I think I was just blog jumping and came across your blog.

    What's my story?
    I'm nearing the age of twenty, the second youngest of seven children, albeit, my older siblings are much much older than me. I love to sew 1950's inspired dresses, and try to make due with what I have and live a simple, old fashioned, romantic life.

    I love your video, by the way, it is so lovely! And the music you chose was just beautiful. :)

    Much love,

  25. What a sweet little corner you have, Kellie! Thank you for sharing it with us.:) I love the idea of wall tent living, too~ I tried to "build" myself a wall tent when I was a child, but it didn't come out very well.:/
    I read your blog because I dearly love making cute vintage things by hand and I usually have a little burst of inspiration whenever you do a new post.:) I found out about your blog through my friend Salinn (who won the Modcloth giveaway) and she told me I should check it out:) I am very glad I did!
    Hoping you have a blessed day!

  26. Hello Kellie! I love reading your blog because I enjoy your lifestyle photos and stories. It reminds me of a simpler time, that I, as a 33 y.o. (shh, don't tell anyone that!) have never experienced fully yet. I love your blog for your modesty, your joy for life and the Lord, and just because you seem so truly humble and happy with where you are at. I am striving more for that every day. I (in a nut shell) live in a rental house in Michigan, love horses (and yet have only ridden them a few times), have a lovely, handsome boyfriend, and his daughter that light up my life, and work as a contractor at a publishing company (which I am trying to not abhor so much, seeing as I type and ship boxes, so much for my English degree?!). :) And, most importantly, am trying to live this life as I believe I should, per God's instructions, and most importantly, LOVE. You can read more about me, or just stop by and say hi if you want at my blog:

    be forever lovely (dot) com. :)


  27. Hello,

    I found your blog through Miss Elizabeth at The Country Handmaiden.

    Your blog and your live are mesmerizing. I have made several visits here. I am particularly fascinated by your dreamy wall tent posts. Every detail is intriguing.

    I will continue to read and comment. I would like to get to know more about you.

    ~ Spice

  28. Hi there, I am a 65 year old caregiver for my husband who has many health issues keeping me at home with him most of the time, thus my finding your hopping, I guess! He is just across the room watching a National Geographic program, spends way too much time watching tv but his options are, yes, it would be wonderful to meet you sometime but I am in Western North Carolina not close to you at all. God's blessings on you and all you do. I, too, lived in a "bus" when I was a child in the Shining Rock Wilderness of WNC. My father was mining mica in the area at that time and it was a temporary home for my parents, brother, sister and myself!


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