Friday, October 28, 2011

For Real Comfort

"I declare, there is nothing like staying at home with a blazing wood-fire for real comfort..."

I feel the slight paraphrase of Jane Austen's immortal summarization of true comfort is allowable, given the indispensability of wood fires to any sort of  blissful home-scene.  To illustrate -

Do you see my point?=)
  I cannot find the words to express how wonderful this stove is.  I don't think I've ever been this warm when the temperatures drop before - And once I master the art of fire-banking, I will hopefully be able to keep the thing going all night, as well!  Last night didn't go so good, as I woke up at 4:30 to find that the fire was out cold.
Oh, Trolls.  Freezing Trolls.

Remember the picture I shared a few posts back of my stove?

"It's surprising what a lick of paint will do, isn't it, Grommet?"
(Anyone else devoted to Wallace & Grommet? I'd love to know!=)

In this case, stove blacking... here I am with my darling helper priming the blacking with a rip-roaring fire in the yard.  We multitasked by roasted marshmallows and apples.  I think my agenda needs more of that in future...

We had a great time getting her set up... I think there were seven of us jammed in my tent, laughing, joking, and giving suggestions.  At last, she was in, and the ingenious method for getting the stovepipe through the stove jack in the tent wall installed.

The 6" pipe was inserted through an 8" pipe, with pieces of metal tubing screwed between them.  This allows air to circulate through the pipes, cooling down the 8" pipe to a temperature capable of direct contact with the canvas, rather than the smoking-hot 6" pipe.  Simple genius.

As I type, the perfect soundtrack of crackling tamarack wood brings these pictures to life.  I wish you could hear it too!
No wood has quite the same delightful crackle of tamarack=)

This is my nest.  It is quite nice for either reading or strumming.  Sleeping is a delightful activity, as well... and watching movies;)  And embroidering.

This is where it all happens - the creative impulses of my mind flow through my fingertips, USB cable imports all of the pictures documenting my adventures, and it all comes together to make the inspiring and cozy haven that is Accordion to Kellie.  Or so I fondly strive for it to be;)

My nook.

Tea, anyone?  It's just boiling... will you take ginger or peppermint?


  1. Oh how absolutely DELIGHTFUL!!! Yes GROMMET!!! it is.. : ) We LOVE Wallace and Grommet... Our son actually does the Clay work and has fashioned Wallace and Grommet quite wonderfully.... I will have to do a post on them... Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Oh, I would love to see pictures of the clay sculptures! That is so fun - I'll look forward to seeing those=)
    You too!

  3. Peppermint, please. With honey. No milk.

    Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love Wallace and Grommit. The people behind those characters are genius!

    My grandma and grandpa have a stove similar to yours. Theirs is bigger I think. These stoves really are very useful. When we have a power outage in the winter all we have to do is gather in grandma and grandpa's living room and we are more than warm enough :).


  5. Oh, peppermint tea, please! With milk - tea without milk is so uncivilized.
    It looks so lovely and cozy=)
    P.S. Remember when we first watched The Wrong Trousers? Good times:)

  6. Looks like you have such a wonderful cozy space! And, with the weather cooling down, I think I'll take your tea offer. :)


  7. How lovely! I've been wondering what the rest of your cozy little home looked like. I very much enjoyed the pictures.

    Marshmallows by the fire are a must. :)

  8. QUOTE: "Oh, Trolls. Freezing Trolls."

    You are so funny. :-D

    QUOTE: "I don't think I've ever been this warm when the temperatures drop before...."

    So glad to "hear" that--I must confess we've been a little worried about you keeping warm!

    I'll have peppermint, please, with unrefined sugar and a dash of milk. Roasted smooshmallows? I'll bring the graham crackers and chocolate bars. :-)
    And hot dogs.
    Great, now I'm hungry.... :-P

    God bless, and best wishes learning to keep the home (tent?)-fires burning!
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  9. I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your blog! Oh, and I'll take ginger =).


  10. I will have ginger, if I may Miss Kellie. Gotta love wallace and gromit! Hope you are able to keep warm all winter!
    Pax Christi,
    Miss Rose

  11. Congratulations on your stove Kellie :)! There is just something about a fire in the winter that is rather comforting :). Have fun!

  12. ok... after I left that huge long comment on your post about "Judy" I had to figure this out because I couldn't wait. I have never been so impressed in my life. I am completely astounded and overcome. To live in a wall tent year round in Northern Idaho is a feat which few or probably NONE have braved except you. You are stupendous. I am officially awed and inspired. ok.. sorry for going on and on it's just that.... wow.

    And I am devoted to Wallace and Gromit too. =] "We've forgotten the crackers Gromit!"


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