Friday, October 14, 2011

Quiet Evening

From out in the woods - the glowing canvas, silhouetted bunting, clacking keys, click of mouse, hum of radiator, far-off roar of a passing train...
 Inside - chilly toes, wool-clad, curled around the inviting warmth of the heater.  Room serene, library books stacked high.

Rocking chair waiting.


  1. Sounds and looks simply loverly, dear...if I leave now, I could be there before 11 o'clock. You may find me on your front porch;)

    Love you,

    P.S. That was a very random thought, now that I read it. Oh well...

  2. I might mistake you for a prowling cat... though I have already taught ours that the tent is off bounds;)

  3. And throw a bucket of water on me. That's what they always do in the movies to prowling cats;)

  4. Looks like the perfect set-up for a murder.


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