Monday, October 31, 2011

This day.

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Can you imagine a national holiday devoted to costumes, dressing up, and visiting your neighbors?
It sounds like a dream come true, right?

"Wait - we already have one!" you might say. 
But unfortunately, all is not as it seems. The holiday that millions will celebrate today is dedicated to and founded on a tradition of evil, and it breaks my heart that something as wonderful as costumes, neighborhood visits, and sweet treats is so hopelessly entangled with the rampant evil that Americans seem to be so enthralled with.

"Instead of hating evil, Americans toy with it. We toy with holidays like Halloween that were conceived in evil and that promote the “cute-ification” of evil, whether that evil takes the form of witchcraft, sorcery, ghoulishness, or some other form of malevolent imagery paraded before our children. We laugh at the very things that the Lord describes as “abominations,” and we find ourselves obsessively fascinated by, and attracted to, all things dark."

Read the rest of this challenging and enlightening article by Vision Forum Ministries.

But as Christians, we need to take back what the world would use for the enlargement of darkness for the glory and kingdom of God.  On this day, you can pray for your friends and neighbors, you can remember the Reformers, and you can make October 31st the most victorious day of all by refusing to fall in with the pervading evilness of today's culture.

For my family, this day is a day of celebration as many, many years ago, before I was born, my father gave his life to Christ on this day, bringing one more soul into Christ's fold and paving the way for one more family to live for the glory of God and furtherance of His kingdom.

This day is a day of thankfulness and rejoicing.  May it be for you as well!


  1. Heartily amen you here.

  2. Hear, hear! There's nothing wrong with dressing up in costumes for fun, nor with getting together with other crazy costumed folk, nor even with eating long as you don't eat too much! But why, oh why do people only think to do these fun activities on the day of a satanic festival, during the beginning of the most miserable weather of the year??

    I say we either ignore the day altogether and make up a costume-wearing, candy-eating fun-day in early Summer when the weather's good...or else have a Reformation Party instead. Our family did this for a few years, and it was fun. We usually got a piƱata, made it up to look like a ghost or what-have-you, then happily bashed it to pieces, representing God's goodness triumphing over evil. We would also watch a movie about Martin Luther and have a time of prayer...and share a meal, of course. :-D

    That's cool that your dad became a Christian on October 31st--what an in-your-face for the Enemy! We serve an Awesome God!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~


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