Friday, October 21, 2011

Cozy Plans

I've been starting to worry a little bit about the coming cold... Will I really be able to make it in my little tent when the temperatures drop to -10 like they usually do in January?  But with this little chap to keep me company, I think we will do very well together.

This little stove is the direct answer to my prayers, the loan of some dear friends.  I'm working hard to get it set up in the next day or two - Thank you, Claude & Rachel!

It seems to me the epitome of luxury to have a fire of my very own.  Not to mention an infinite supply of hot water for tea, in a miniature kettle that looks like it might excite the cupidity of Hunca Munca herself.

"There is no fireside like your own fireside."
~ Irish Proverb


  1. Cozy indeed... And what a blessing to be given this to keep you warm through the Cold

  2. Hey, girlie. :-) Your little stove does indeed look like he'll keep you warmer in cold weather (-10! Ack!!). How nice of your friends to loan him to you.

    We're still praying that you all will be able to get your house buttoned up before Winter, though....

    God bless, and enjoy you tea! ;-)
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  3. A little rusty, ain't it? And where you getting the wood for it?


  4. Thanks, Rebekah;) We appreciate the prayers so much - we are getting quite a bit done while this weather holds!

    Perhaps you have never cleaned a stove. However, I assure you that the thing is quite possible, and I just bought a tube of stove polish to accomplish that. Additionally, we have a woodpile, not to mention thousands of acres of trees around us for the taking;) Don't fret yourself.
    Next time you're up our way, you'll have to see the results in person!

    Yours truly,

  5. Next time I'm at your place, I rather go dirt bike riding with Claude. (sp?) =)



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