Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Wall Tent Sleepover + A Winter Ride

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Last week saw another sleepover in the wall tent.  Mandy, Emily, Ellen and I this time, and I'm looking forward to summer again when all the girls can come at once and not freeze to death!  Balderdash, Nutella on graham crackers, The Importance of Being Earnest soundtrack, warm socks, and a blazing fire made for a rather delightful evening... And in the morning, Mandy forgot her tea mug.

Today, Ellen and I decided to take advantage of the completely miraculous clear weather to take Brownie out!  The air is hovering at around 23 degrees, but the sky is lit with a pale winter sunshine that feels oh so good.  
Ellen and I alternately rode and walked, and by my estimation, we covered around eight miles.

We set out to return Mandy's mug, and though it turned out that she and Emily weren't home, Ellen and I had a lovely chat over some chocolate cupcakes and tea with their mom while Brownie rested before our return home.

The road was still horribly slick in the shady spots where the ice never melted.  We led Brownie over the snow at that point:)

 Hehe -  all that walking and riding after being cooped up for a month with ice and snow didn't feel nearly as bad as we thought!  We found that we could each keep up with the horse at a jog trot pretty well, and by the time we were on the return home stretch, I actually felt pretty good;)  Have to do that more often as long as this weather holds...

 Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. How fun! Nutella and graham crackers is the ultimate comfort food I believe. :)

  2. O, what a wonderful photo's. I like your blog. Greetings from a Dutch mom.


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