Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ginormous Giveaway Winners!

I am so excited to announce the winners of the Ginormous Giveaway! I am thrilled that so many of you were able to attend, and I want to thank you all at this juncture for your amazing support=)  All of those comments...I call that dedication!

I really truly wish there was a prize for each and every one of you.  Sadly, there can only be sixteen giveaway winners this time (I know - only sixteen... what more can I do?), but I've thought of a solution!  I've made some delightful festive graphics for your blog, website, Pinterest board;) or to print out and craft with!  Their yours for the taking, and I hope even in a small way to have expressed my gratitude for your support on this blogging journey.

Click here to claim them!

Without further adieux, the winners are...

PRINT Sedona Sally
Winner of the Sedona Sally print!
Divine Twine Sample Pack-5 yards of all 12 colors-Bakers Twine Lot-Baker Twine Color Sample PackHomestead Bonnet,
Winner of the 10% off coupon to Bayan Hippo!

HONEY LOVE Perfume Spray Melodie perfumes. Gift under 25
Winner of the Honey Love perfume!

ocean whispers... soft blue green seashell decor photograph with calming sand and beach tones
Winner of any 8x12" print from Leaping Gazelle Studios!

Fred and Ginger - Swing Time (Art Print)
Winner of the Fred and Ginger print from Nikatya's Notebook!

Sweet Mist - bath salts
Winner of the bath salt fragrance of your choice from Beridan Naturals!

Crochet Flower Pin Brooch in raspberry
Winner of the three crocheted flower brooches!

Clutch "the Day Dream" : Betty needs a pretty clutch for her day dream.
Winner of the Day Dream clutch!

Crayon Roll
Winner of the adorable  crayon roll!

Printable recipe cards - modern designs - Typeable
Winner of the PDF recipe cards!

Pretty In Pink Print
Emily of The Song of the Sea,
Winner of the Pretty in Pink print!

Winner of the chocolate sampler from Gateau Doux! (Lucky! =D)

The Camera Corner - 5x7 Original Fine Art Photograph - Vintage Inspired Summer Retro Faded Kodak Still Life
Winner of the 8x10 of choice from UrbanAntique Photography!

Bunny Buckle with Red Dotted Belt Worn by Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings Blog
Winner of the Cassie Stephens belt of choice!  *sigh*

Swan Song-- Whimsical Decorative Painting
Winner of the The Swan Song print!

Now that your heart is either thrilling with elation, or dull with disappointment, go ahead and hug yourself!  THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!

In the event of the former, please email me promptly to claim your prize at:
kelliefalconer {at} gmail {dot} com
(Please contact me within five days, or a new winner must be selected.)

And in the latter, go claim your prize here!  Huzzah!

P.S. My eyes are now crossed with the endless counting of comment numbers... Due to my programming illiteracy, I couldn't figure out how to add comment numbering.  I shall now retire to rest my head with some enchanting music... Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, anyone? ;)

P.S.S. One more thing - I am open for Sponsors!  If you are interested in having your product reviewed, ad featured, or giveaway item admired and won, go ahead and contact me at the above address.  I can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Ahhh!!! I was scrolling down the list of winners and came across my name. . . and I thought . . . "Must be a different Chip." But what a pleasant surprise when I found out it was me!

    Thank you, Kellie for hosting such a lovely givaway and to all the sponsors for your generosity!

  2. SO excited! :) Thanks for hosting this huge giveaway! Email on the way!

  3. Gulp. Double check name. Faint dead away. I won my first giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting it Kellie! I'll be shooting you an email straight away.

  4. I won something! Yippee!!! Huzzah!
    Ok, nuff of that...;)
    This was a simply superb giveaway, Kellie. Thank you for putting this together:)



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