Sunday, December 18, 2011

Outfit: December

Carol Of The Bells by George Winston on Grooveshark

George Winston's piano album, December, is some of my most treasured music.  Each note is burned into my heart, inextricably entwined with a thousand memories to become the soundtrack of my childhood.  
Winston's Carol of the Bells was playing over and over in my mind as I went for a walk the other day, each note searing my consciousness as clear and crystal-cold as the air itself.  It was the perfect winter day, the almost bare fields lending an atmosphere of surreal magic by their freedom from the snow which should have shrouded them in a still blanket of white.  All the mountains surrounding had sparkling frost-tipped trees, looking like some sort of sugar sprinkled confection.  The air - gray, bitterly cold, and completely still - seemed to be laden with this music.  

Start the player above while you read to hear the soundtrack of this beautiful December walk.

Wool Jacket - a hand-me-down which I embroidered tiny yellow rosebuds on
Denim skirt - thrifted with added ruffle by me
Hunter boots - St. Bernard Sports
Green scarf - hand crocheted by Wool and Whatnot
Velvet headband - Eve's Leaves, a small local shop
Vintage driving gloves - my Grandmother's




Oh, you beautiful Hunter boots.  I adore you. =)  The wool headband in the last two pictures was created from a shrunken sweater - two strips sewn together and embroidered on with yarn.  I love these wool headbands because I as usually have my (massive:) hair up, most winter hats won't fit on my head.  This headband fits right underneath my hair, while still keeping my ears nice and toasty!  (Not to mention, they look oh so cute...)

Thinking about offering them in the shop.  What do you think?  Would/do you wear one?  I'd love some feedback!


  1. Yes I'd wear one! So pretty! Love, love, love your hair like that! .... would love to know how to do it.... : )


  2. I love how you did you hair, Kellie! So pretty! And the pictures are lovely!

  3. How very pretty! I love your scarf and how you've done up your hair!~

  4. You have impeccable taste, dear. Love your coat:)

    I would definitely wear a wool headband/ear warmer, especially one as cute as yours!

    Love you,

  5. Simply lovely, Miss Kelly {as usual ;)}.
    I don't know why I haven't been receiving updates from your lovely nook, thus I am fixing this so I might visit more often. *wink*


  6. Quite adorable! I would love to know how you do your hair as well!

  7. WONDERFUL! Your hair is GORGEOUS! I love the headband as well. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. :D MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  8. Hi... I commented several days ago, but maybe I did something wrong... I still don't see where you have received it. Guess I'll try again! :) I just wanted you to know that I've been following your blog for awhile... but after this post, I just HAD to comment. I really liked your "musical walk" :)It was so nice:) The music was so pretty and your pictures were so good!! And let me say that I LOVE (LOVE!!!!) your 'massive' hair ;)You always have it fixed so pretty... and I LOVED the "twist/bun" (?) style in these pictures. I really enjoy your vibrance that I can see in your blog :)It's a fun little blog!!But I wanted to say how Beautifully written your post was... it sounded like a book. I could fill the crispness of the air! It was a scene I could picture in my mind, wishing I were there to really experience the moment... so nice :) Maybe you should consider writing in your "spare" time ;) Just wanted to let you know. :)
    P.S. I also admire your tenacity for running your own little shop and creating your own "things"-- at your age. It's wonderful! I hope you never give up:)

  9. I love your pictures! I also love the way that you do your hair! I would love to know how you do it. Maybe in a future post??

  10. Echo the comments of others - please share how you did your hair like that - it's gorgeous!


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