Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wall Tent Christmas

It was a rather quiet Christmas for us this year - my Dad had to be out of town, and we missed him terribly.  We didn't really have presents, parties, or decor - but the vital ingredients - thankfulness, togetherness (in spirit), and remembrance, were all there, making this a truly beautiful and memorable Christmas.  
You don't need anything but each other to have the perfect holiday... as long as you've got that, you have everything.  And then look around!  How much more do each and every one of you have in addition to the essentials?  You can't even count them.  I know I can't.  And I am so thankful, not just for the multitudes of blessings showered on me, but the privilege of watching God work His providing care in my life.  He has never let me down.  Not once.

It was a different kind of Christmas, too, with the fact that it was my first wall tent Christmas!  The first Christmas spent in my own little home:)  
On the eve of Christmas eve, my littlest sister spent the night with me, and we had a marvelous time. As evidenced by these photos.  Candlelight, warmth, hair curlers, cozy darkness, beloved Christmas music,  hot coco and oranges, and Petrov added to the festivities.
My mom embroidered this beautiful Idaho bluebird for a dear friend.  I just love the excitement and secrecy of a wrapped-up present!  Especially when it's tied up with string...

Christmas Eve morning the girls butchered four of our Khaki Campbell drakes.  They were delicious. My barbaric and talented little farmgirl sisters salted down the lovely skins and put them in the rafters of their treehouse to cure... I believe they plan to make hats.  Maybe.

Later that day, we went over to visit Tasha's family.  Played the traditional and delightful game of Risk, nibbled on delicious treats, and had a wonderful time all around.  
Also got the traditional picture taken, which we forgot to do last year!  
Aren't we a nice looking lot? :D
Myself, Aubrey, Alex, and Tasha
Betsy-Tacy  &  the boys...  
...And the whole motley crew.

Christmas day was shared with some other dear friends, feasting, talking (ahem) napping, and playing four founds of Pictionary, among other things.  North Idaho Pictionary, that is... we have our own version;)  Christopher, Matthew (Ani), Aubrey, and I also played some mean fooseball... at least they did.  I won one round:(

I hope your Christmas was filled beauty, togetherness, and Joy at the coming of our Savior!

P.S. I also hope you can forgive me for the prolonged absence of my promised hair tutorials... I have no excuse to offer.  Good excuse, that is...goodbye forever. :)


  1. I was thinking of all of you, and praying you wouldn't be too lonely with your dear Pa gone! Looks like you had an enjoyable time. =) Little Clara is a darling in curlers! ;)

  2. Yay! We remembered to take pictures this year!!! =D

  3. Yah, I was a total beast when it came to foosball playing. I will admit that.


    P.S. When I say beast, I mean beast as in "good". Just so you know.

  4. Wouldn't want anyone to be forming the wrong impression of you, Ani...
    Though with the word beast, I don't see how they could go wrong.

  5. Kellie! I'm so sorry your Dad couldn't be with you Christmas. We weren't sure ours would be home either, but he managed to make it. You look positively gorgeous in those Christmas pictures - I LOVE your outfit! And leave it to me to want closeups of the neckline of your blouse so I could figure out how it was done. . . :D

    Tasha's blouse is just adorable, I love the fabric and design. You are both so much fun and you look great!

    Happy New Year!


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