Saturday, December 31, 2011

I guess it wasn't meant to be...

Three years.

It's been that long since I  discovered Cath Kidston, and naturally, I've been longing for a CK handbag of my own ever since.

But let me show you the letter that came in the mail a few days ago - it completely and utterly made the day of the this little Idahoan Anglophile.

An Etsy money order from England!  I was quite wild over the stamp and Royal Mail inking.  The little note was simply marvelous with it's British phrasing - I read it to anyone who would listen in my best British style - but the five pound note was sublime.  I must sound ridiculous, but holding a fiver in my hand was like something out of a fairytale... and British currency is so much more beautiful than our dollar!  Right then and there I decided to keep my fiver till I somehow get to Great Britain.  I'll hand it over the counter in a Cath Kidston shop.  It's now a dream:)

With my precious Cath notebooks

Back to the Cath Story:
Last week, after having the page open for several days, pondering on the propriety and sense of actually hitting the add to cart link, I did.  That after-Christmas sale + the mini bird saddle bag was irresistible.  Was I ever thrilled...
Pinned Image
...Yesterday, I received an email "To advise you that unfortunately your order has not copied across onto our systems due to a technical issue."  I was to call and replace my order.  

Second thrill!  I called the US Toll Free number three times till I caught them while they were open.  I stayed up late (early, rather) last night working on things, and I called around three in the morning.  A marvelous British voice answered... it was so unreal!  Here was I, sitting in my dark and chilly tent (ran out of wood:) in North Idaho, in the still, wee sma's, talking to someone in England - sun up, people hurrying, going, talking, living.  That very minute.  I loved it!

I had to force myself not to lapse into a British accent myself, for fear of being rude, while we got the account straightened out... I gave the product number.  
Silence.  Then, "I'm so sorry, but that item is sold out."

I was silently plunged into the depths of despair. The kind girl comforted me with the advisement to be on the lookout for the new spring line... I thanked her, and hung up.  

But happier thoughts came quickly, most prominently my Scottish side reminding me of my bank account, still intact...

One day, in just the right timing, I trust I will have a CK bag.
 But for now, it just wasn't meant to be.  

And you never know... something marvelous just might happen in result of this disappointment!
I wonder. 


  1. Something Better is SURELY coming your way.. :) I have an Old Six Pence coin that is set in a Coin Charm.. Both sides of the Coin are LOVELY Indeed!! I think I would certainly be more rich living there because I would find it awfully hard to Giveaway such Beautiful money.. :)

  2. Oh, how sublime! I can't imagine receiving a letter from across the sea!!!

  3. Im sorry to hear you missed out! But I like to think these little disappointments are providence. Sometime soon I think you will probably be very glad that you still have the funds, and perhaps you'll even find a bag you like better and will be glad you waited!~

  4. My sentiments exactly, Heather:) And Ruby Jean, that's a fun thought - I should take on a new appreciation for the artistic and collectible qualities of my greenbacks!

  5. That's frightfully disappointing, dear. You'll get your Cath Kidston purse someday, and it will be even better than this one:)

    Your five pound note is beautiful! Until you can spend it, you should frame it. ;)

    Happy New Year, dear!
    Love you,

  6. How thrilling, indeed, to get a letter from the Old Country! And a genuine "fiver," into the bargain!

    But oh, how sad that after all that hassle to get hold of the company, the purse you wanted was gone! *Tear*
    You're right, though--God MUST have something better in mind for you down the road (hopefully not too far). But still, disappointment is quite unpleasant when it's fresh, and I'm sending hugs and prayers your way, lassie!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  7. Now I'm struck by a nonsensical wish to send you Czech currency, because our banknotes and coins are beautiful, too.
    Nonsensical, because just like you, I cannot give away money just like that!
    And it's a pity that the bag was sold out, but it clearly was not meant to be. Things work out like that sometimes.

  8. I'll have to look up a picture of some Czech currency, Hana - I love to look at the different designs and layouts on the world's notes=)

    You are all so sweet - If I had felt in the least way heartbroken over the incident, I certainly wouldn't now! :D


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