Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sharing the Blessings vol. 9

Presenting week nine of Sharing the Blessings!

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(We had a small break from this blog feature, but here it is once again - I hope you will join me!)

How it works:
Each Sunday, I will post the new linky for the week's posts.  Add your link, then browse through the link pool, visit with other bloggers, and share your blessings!

What you do:
Just make a post, as simple as a picture or as elaborate as an article, and link up below so others can be encouraged.  Add the button below with a link back to this URL:
 so that others can participate!

The blessings of family?  The fact that a friend stopped by with a cheerful smile and shared a good laugh?  The temptation conquered or the steaming mug of hot tea you enjoy each morning over devotions?  A verse of scripture that has blessed you?

Feel free to add the button below (linking to the URL given above) to your blog as well - help spread the word! If you’re not participating now, I hope you’ll come back & join in next week!

(To view all weeks of Sharing the Blessings, click here)

Simply sharing the little blessings that make life beautiful.  Won't you join me?


  1. Hi Kellie!
    I have a post brewing on learning contentment. Would that fit the bill? I would love to join this!

  2. Absolutely, Elise! Can't wait to read what you have in store.

  3. New header! Looks loverly, dear! :)

  4. I do not have a blog but have this to share. A friend of mine called a few days ago to go out for coffee. She has been going through a rough patch and just wanted to talk. So, we went out and over 3 hours we talked about everything from our children, travel dreams, and life in the middle age. When we realized it was time to go home, she gave me the sweetest hug and thanked me. But honestly, I felt like I was the one who was cheered up!!! Friendship truly knits us all together in this thing we call life. Priceless!!!

  5. Yep, new header:) Not quite happy with it... but I'll just have to keep tweaking as I have time;)

  6. Thanks for sharing, Winnie! That's a wonderful story to true that the very act of blessing a friend often turns out to be the greatest blessing for ourselves! Absolutely priceless.

  7. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! <3

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by, Miss Jen! :)

  9. Great idea! Where ever did you get that amazing photo? Where is that place. So majestic! I reckon the views from inside of that house must be spectacular!

  10. Hi, Christella! Thanks for commenting! The link to the source is right underneath the picture - from Pinterest. Isn't is a beautiful shot?

  11. Hi Kellie,
    It was good motivation to write about my blessings for this.
    Thank-you for your comment on my post, it really made me smile! Just wondering why you deleted the comment?
    Oh, and as most people are curious how their little corners are found, I found you via Rachel. I'm an (Australian) friend of hers.

  12. I just stopped by your blog again just before you left this comment, Christella, and didn't see my comment there... I thought to myself that I was sure I *had* left a comment... then I saw your note. It must have been deleted on accident! I'm so sorry;)
    Delighted that our paths have crossed!


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