Wednesday, January 04, 2012

No, it's not yet Spring. Only in my heart.

This is my desk of late - tea, fabric swatches, transfer pencils, glass pane, spring hoop and the like.  What you can't hear is the awesome music from the Importance of Being Earnest soundtrack.  I think I've mentioned it here before, but have I conveyed the sheer inspiring awesomeness of it yet? :D  Quite in love.

While I'm here, can I ask what the date is?  Oh, January 4.  Then my next logical question would be - where is the snow?  How can the chickadees be singing?  The sun shining, and the ground thawed? In short, the entire world looking as if it were at the Spring Masquerade?

I rather look on it as my own personal miracle.  Here I am, romantically determined to live in this tent all winter if I perish in the attempt, and the weather itself is laughing at me, telling me that my mule-headed theatrics are entirely unnecessary.  I could be buried under feet of ice and snow, my wood wet and caked with frost, my feet perpetually numb and my furniture frozen from condensation.  To tell the truth, that's rather what I, in moments of weakness, was expecting.

How well our God is able to take care of us!  Even in the worst conditions our human minds can imagine, He has to power to give us strength, hope, and trust in Him.  He has control over every element in our lives - yes, even the weather can work out according to his plan.  And when He see fit to  give us something even better than we even dared to ask, why are we surprised?

After all, every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with who is no varibleness, neither shadow of turning.

I wanted to share this recent acquisition with you - I've been looking for the perfect one for years.  At last, I found it!

 The perfect size, the perfect colors.  And with the perfect design.  

Also, I thrifted this little rotating rack - the perfect way to display my button badges and mirrors!  Don't they look cunning with their little shining round fronts and rustic packaging?  
I always thought that I didn't care for button badges much - they looked cheesy, and the political campaign and corny phrase stigma often associated with pinback buttons didn't add to their charms.

But I had a change of heart coming, and if that's what you currently think of them as, so do you!  They're round. cute factor.  They're shiny. major cute factor.  And you can put anything you want on them!  endless cute factor! =D  
Just for fun, go take a look-see at my current collection and tell me your favorite.  For extra credit, tell me what you would like to see on a badge or mirror, and your wish might come true!  I'm thinking of some fun new designs to add, and your idea might become reality.

And lastly, here's a sneak peek at a bit of my embroidery - as soon as I get some decent pictures, you can see it in full;)

Wonderful Wednesday, friends!


  1. The rack sets off your beautiful creations stunningly. ;) Would definitely catch my eye.
    And of course, your embroidery is amazing as usual.
    Was lovely to have a glimpse into your life as of late.

    come stop for tea @

  2. I love that Creative Darling pin back button the most, but then again all your buttons are lovely!

    And that embroidery is simply stunning, makes me want to try it even more!

  3. All your pins are beautiful, but I think I like the farm girl buttons best!

    Congrats on finding that bowl and pitcher set! I didn't know there were any colors other than blue, but I'm glad to know there are.

    Wishing you all the best in 2012! :)

  4. That is a beautiful wash set! Wow!

    That is pretty funny about this year's winter. It's been a great blessing for us as well.

  5. Well, now, my family wouldn't mind if the weather just went from Christmas right into Spring! Bring on the Sunshine!

    Your ewer (pitcher) and basin are so pretty--and they seem like you, being green and all. ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~


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