Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out of a blizzard

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I'm off on a mini vacation tomorrow!  It's masquerading as a house sitting job - but I know better.  This little break from the Battle to keep the Green Tarp Clear of Snow is most welcome;)  We got another five inches today - I was out wrestling with the snow this morning with my trusty spring rake.  Three hours later, and I was at it again, scraping and beating at another two inches!  But all in all, things are still perfectly cozy once I step inside my warm canvas, out of sight of the blinding whiteness.
However, a little break is most welcome, and spending it in a real house has me really excited!  I adore house sitting.  No internet, but copious amounts of tea, and solitude - reading, sewing, and... movie watching;)  I have a nice little pile of classic Hollywood in my bag - especially looking forward to seeing Laura (1944) and Christmas in Connecticut (1945), both for the first time.  Have you seen them?  What did you think?  
And my friend's German Shepherds will keep me company.  And bark at mean things.  And I will look at the horses over the snowy hill through the window and feed them out in the whiteness.

And speaking of my bag, I just whipped up this tote about half an hour ago... I've been meaning to make it for ages, but the sudden need of something to put my articles in gave the extra initiative needed;)  
It's enormous.  Just what I wanted.  And the thrifted vintage peony patch is really a perfect pocket for holding embroidery. 
 I think Mildred has taken a liking to it... :)
And... my sisters will have a grand time keeping my hearth fires burning... I have a feeling my tent will be one big dollhouse all weekend;)
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Have a wonderful and cozy weekend - I'll be back soon!


  1. Such a lovely place! Does it stay plenty warm enough inside? I love the Peony tote bag too. They're one of my favorite flowers!

    I've been wondering - do you have 'facilities' - I just had to ask ; ) Or are you close enough to your parents to use their showers etc. Is plumbing something you would like to add to your dwelling eventually?

  2. That sounds absolutely wonderful!

    Not to complain, but the snow is definitely starting to wear on me, too. It's not much fun carrying water from the creek in this much snow. But, I shall endure unto the end - it helps that I have no choice;)

    I love both of those films, as you already know, but especially "Laura".

    You're new tote bag is beautiful! =)

    Have a wonderful vacation, dear!!

  3. Wow and more Wow at that snow!!!!! This weekend it is supposed to be in the mid 70s everyday so looking at this reality is almost incomprehensible for this Florida FarmChick. Secretly? I am jealous! What an adventure. Enjoy your weekend of total respite! Every business owner needs time to regenerate!!

  4. That tote does indeed look quite handy. The peony patch/pocket is so pretty--score! Don't you love it when you find treasures like that at the thrift shop? ;-)

    Glad to hear your tent is holding up to Old Man Winter's little onslaught (we got about a foot on our end). Happy house-sitting, and enjoy all the free time you'll have. :-D

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  5. @ Eva Girl - Peonies are some of my favorites, too! And yes, all the plumbing and water is at my parents... though that's often frozen solid this time of year, too. We have to keep all faucets running or they'll freeze. ;)

    Thanks for the great comments, everyone!

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