Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bolster your fabric stash with this lovely deal!

Inventory Reduction Sale
Once upon a time there was a warehouse full of fabric. The fabric was stacked so high that only a princess could find the real deals. We want everyone to find a great deal, so we are discounting over 86,000 yards of fabric up to 60% including Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Premier Prints and more! Feel like a princess and find a great deal on fabric for your next project!Shop Now
I'm eyeing the wool suitings - at prices as low as $2.79 a yard, how can you go wrong?  Visions of circle skirts, fitted vests, and a plaid caplet jacket have been dancing in my head lately...
Hello, sewing list.  Your fairy godmother is here! ;)

What marvelous material and project have you been dreaming of?


  1. Thanks for sharing Kellie! I'm actually looking for curtain fabric!!

  2. Actually, I've been pondering stuff already in my overflowing Stash!
    ...and wrestling with a pretty dress design that refuses to transfer smoothly from dream to reality. :-P

    Best wishes on your newest inspirations! They sound lovely.

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~


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