Monday, January 02, 2012

When a DOTT becomes a ISPFNR

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Last Thursday Tasha and I decided to have an after Christmas shopping DOTT.  We took along my awesome sister Ellen, as well as Tasha's awesome brother Alex, who again agreed to chauffeur us.

Some strangely posed mannequins inspired this shot at the mall... first time I've been there in years:)
Well, once we were all shopped out, we decided to descend on the A's house for a surprise visit.  An Impromptu Surprise Party for no Reason, to be exact.

After loading up on chocolate donuts and those inimitable party blower things.
While listening to the Mission Impossible theme. 
Some situations require a theme song.
Oh yeah. 

We actually got there just minutes before Christopher and Matthew, who were out, got back.  So we had a double surprise!  I think Mr. and Mrs. A enjoyed the joke=)

We partied ourselves (ahem) silly, playing In a Pickle, nibbling on chocolate doughnuts, laughing, and messing with those paper blowers.  Aren't they the greatest? :D

Get the entire wonderful story here, as brilliantly documented by Tasha.  


  1. Sounds like you had a good time... =P

  2. SO much fun!!!

    We really, really must have more DOTTs and ISPFNR in the future. =)

    Love you,

    P.S. We really should have bought that hat for Aubrey - can you imagine the look we'd get?! *grin*

  3. Sounds like something my friends and I would do... =D such fun!

  4. well looks like you all had a grand old time! hope you had a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!~

  5. You lot always seem to have so much fun! :-D
    Kinda reminds me of the birthday parties and impromptu gatherings our friend (another Matthew, otherwise known as "Little John") used to hold at his house. "Good Times and Free Grog," indeed.

    And that hat is hilarious!

    Happy New Year, girlie!
    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~


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