Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handwritten Letters make my heart go pitter patter

Are these handwritten letters not fabulous? I'm in love!

I saw this fabulous 395-day Handwritten Letters challenge by artist Mary Kate McDevitt over on Studio Sweet Studio, and I'm infatuated.  My heart always skips a beat for hand-drawn lettering, so this project has me really excited!  Currently on day 62, so there are still plenty more to go. Be sure to drop by as time goes on to see what she's created each day!

Mary Kate's work is so beautiful - I could gaze at it for hours;)  And her Etsy shop is gorgeous.

Oscar Wilde never fails to make me smile;)  Combined with such exquisite lettering, it's irresistible!


  1. Wow, what an interesting site! Thanks for sharing this with us because I know I never would have found it on my own! And yes, I agree with you that Oscar Wilde is a great read!That poster is the best!!

  2. SOCOOL!!!!! I *adore* letter-writing, and don't get to do it enough. In fact, I just did a post about it!

  3. The "Mare's Eat Oat's" song is in one of my fav. historical fiction works, Lily's Crossing. That song makes me crack up! :-D


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