Thursday, January 05, 2012

Some Bonny Wee Inspiration

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I am so in love with this picture... how perfectly adorable can it get?

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Edinburgh town

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This picture doesn't necessarily have to be in Scotland, but all of the elements have such a wonderful Scottish air!  Just goes to show that Scotland's caps, tweeds, plaid, boots, and steppin' lively have been admired and imitated by the world.  Totally diggin' the wool trousers, too - and the jazz band!  Are your toes tapping yet? 
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I dream of seeing this in action one day
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 céilidh: (English pronunciation: /ˈkeɪlɪ/) is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Scottish or Irish folk music and dancing.  Amen.
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{Eilean Donan Castle}

By yon bonnie banks
And by yon bonnie braes,
Where the sun shines bright
On Loch Lomond
Oh we twa ha'e pass'd
sae mony blithesome days,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks
O' Loch Lomond.

Oh ye'll tak' the high road
and I'll tak' the low road,
An' I'll be in Scotland before ye',
But wae is my heart until we meet again
On the Bonnie, bonnie banks
O' Loch Lomond.

{Extra Credit - sing this song both ways... try out your best bonny brogue, then give it a go swing style!

And lastly, I hope you completely love this little clip as much as I do - Fred and Ginger, bagpipes, tap dancing, golf... even a little bit o' a sword dance!  What's not to love?  Now I've got to see 'Carefree' as soon as possible... =)

All pictures via my Pinterest board, Bonnie Scotland.


  1. What a fun post!I love the girl's plaid skirt in the one picture. And a song from John McDermott? It makes everything perfect! :)

  2. A friend just lead me to you post! What a great one to start with! My scottish blood is pumping!
    It is a fun movie...hope you can see it soon!

  3. I grew up hearing "On the Bonnie, bonnie banks". My Mama always used to sing it to me, and I still find myself singing it once in a while :) I've never heard the first part, though!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
    The pictures are all bea-utiful.
    Now you've gone and done it - I feel a Scottish mood coming on. Where's my tam? ;)

    I still need to see Carefree myself. That Scottish golf number makes up for the horrid one in the Barkleys, doesn't it?
    Darling, darling Fred. =)

    HTSYS, dear!

  5. Amanda, do you know I've never heard John McDermott before? I'm really enjoying it!

    Julia, Thanks for stopping by! Scottish lassies are always welcome!=)

    That's so sweet, Alannah - it's one of my favorites.

    And Tasha, I couldn't agree more... horrid one in the Barkleys in right;) Maybe we can see it together!

  6. I have Scottish and Irish blood on my dad's side of the family and have always loved learning about the history and customs! My dad got my sisters and I interested in Scottish and Irish folk music a few years ago. My older sister and I love this song! Now that it's stuck in my head, I'll probably be going around the house singing it for the next week or so! Absolutely love it!!!!!



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