Friday, November 04, 2011

Miss Betsy McCall

I love paper dolls - I always have.  Both collecting and drawing my own form some of my fondest childhood memories... 
Well, I just discovered this classic paper doll and I can't believe I haven't known about her before now!

Miss Betsy McCall paper dolls were printed in the McCall's Magazine and pattern company starting in May 1951, and lasting until at least 1995.  Children could cut out the printed dolls and clothing, or for a small fee (10¢ in 1957, 25¢ in 1967) paper dolls printed on cardboard could be ordered. Betsy McCall became so popular that various sized vinyl dolls were produced by Ideal and American Character Dolls... and now, you can make your own set of these lovely dolls once more!

I found the following link while researching for a special upcoming project... and had to share so that you too can print out and laminate a set of these darling vintage paper dolls for yourself, a sister, daughter, or friend!  What fun!

Betsy McCall The First Ten Years
Betsy has changed over the years... here she is with her adorable mother in 1952, while the rest are from 1960.

Aren't her frocks too darling?  That's one of the reasons I love paper dolls so much, I think... they can have as many lovely dresses as one's imagination can concoct for them!

Happy paper dolling!


  1. aww...! How cute... I'm going to make some for my sisters for Christmas! Great idea!

  2. Oh I do so LOVE vintage paper dolls... I could play with them for hours on end when I was little... I collect them now especially the ones that come with hair on them.. Too Adorable!!

  3. I've always loved paper dolls and Betsy McCall! Isn't she too cute? Thanks for sharing=)

  4. I love these dolls. My Mom gave me a few of hers from the 70s. They look just like these.

  5. I just found you today and have been having fun reading through some of your old posts...I love your style and I'm so impressed by your little 'home away from home' canvas tent! Love your 'walking through the woods' skirt and your cozy wood stove and teakettle! I have to admire a girl who can chop her own wood and sew with delicate laces and silks ; )


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