Friday, November 11, 2011


{Designed by me}

My family never needs an excuse to celebrate.  Any day is a good party day!

That said, we have always had a little 'party' on the triple number date since 01/01/01.  Be it a simple "It's one one one today!" or making a cake and enjoying it together. 

Like this evening.  Just because.

Hoping your day was lovely!


  1. Hey, Kellie!

    I've been following your blog for a little bit (and love it!), but I don't think I've ever commented.

    I have been trying to figure out how to make the patterned letters/numbers like your "11.11.11" is. How do you do it? (If you don't mind telling and it isn't too hard to explain...) If you'd rather, you can email me:


  2. Thanks for commenting, Grace!

    Sure thing - I use Macromedia Fireworks as my graphics program, so the commands might be different for your program, but here's how I did it:

    1) prepare the pattern/image you want to overlay the number/letter with
    2) Type the number/letter and align it over the image
    3) Right click the number/letter and select 'paste as mask'

    That's it! Hope this helps=)

  3. Happy Veterans Day!!! Sounds like a wonderful Party... : ) Also I posted about your Giveaway today...Have a Blessed weekend!!

  4. I too have a question if you do not mind Kellie :)

    Where do you get your backgrounds and little sidebar title things? They are so cute!


  5. Not at all=)
    I actually made the sidebar tags from a font available from

    The background was created by overlaying several different textures over a vintage fabric, then tiling it across the page.

    I'm not a computer whiz by a long run, and really know so little about it - however, I enjoy learning and researching how to do want I want to do... then, if all else fails, I go ask my Aubrey, my brother, to help me out;) He can do practically anything with a computer... *sigh* =D

  6. Cute graphic, dear:)
    We've always had a special affection for triple number dates in my family, too.

    Did you notice that my 11/11/11 post was also posted at 11:11 AM? Is that cool or what?!

    Okay, I'm way to excited here. You know why=D

    See you tomorrow!

    P.S. I found it necessary to crochet a ruffle scarf to complete my ensemble. Me and my crochet hook;)

  7. 11:11 AM? Now that is tricky;)
    Can't wait to see your newly made accessory... see you tomorrow!

  8. Thanks so much Kellie, I will definitely try these out! Have a great day!



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