Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Perfectly Lovely Party.

On Monday, my dear friend Tasha came over for a long-awaited Wall Tent sleepover.
And since I love lists so much, here's what I scribbled down days before for inspiration:

roasted marshmallows
fire-roasted popcorn
potato chips
hot tea
a surprise in a glass bottle
(yes, we consumed copious amounts of less than healthy edibles. No, we did not have indigestion.  Yes, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.)  The surprise in a glass bottle was some darling French pink lemonade I picked up for the occasion =)

Things to do ~

Chicken Run
look at old pictures from my hard drive
piles of ginger snaps and chips
listen to the soundtrack from Wallace and Grommet
The Importance of Being E.
Roast things on sticks
poke the fire
more movies?
late.  early rather...
hairstyle tutorial photoshoots?
hot chocolate
*happy sigh*

Movie Night!!
We fell asleep around 1:30am - not bad, considering the amount of fun we squeezed into that time:)  Our non-stifled giggles and chortles echoed into the night woods.

*Edit*  Tasha just reminded me that I forgot to mention the smoke! =D
So, we got out the old fashioned popcorn popper to see if we could make some over the fire.  In went the oil and popcorn kernels, and I wiggled the whole contraption into the stove.  Lo and behold, in a few minutes a kernel exploded into fluffy golden popcorn!  We all squealed with delight, and I guess I kind of got distracted.  Because suddenly the stove was belching smoke - I pulled the popper from the flames to see that most of the popcorn was a blackened mass in the bottom.  We tied back the tent flap and did what we could to get the smoke out, but there wasn't much we could do for the poor popcorn...

The Importance of Being Earnest - One of my favorite books when I need a good laugh. This adaptation was stellar and Tasha and I concluded that Colin Frith is inestimably more charming as Jack Worthing than... *horror* Mr. Darcy! There are a few scenes that we hastily skipped, so please use discretion if you watch this.
I took a collection of screen shots that I will be sharing some time, and Tasha is planning to make some delightful wallpapers and such to go with them=)

Chicken Run - OK, I just saw The Great Escape last month. I have long loved Wallace and Gromett.
This in mind, Chicken Run was so funny we almost died laughing.

My family have never been Disney fans, and, in fact, I have never seen most of the animated films.  But Tangled is pretty magical.  
(Ouch.  But it really is! =)

Next morning, I groped out of bead to start the fire... and put the kettle on!  We had hot chocolate in bed, while my sisters swarmed in and amused us with their antics.  Quite the perfect way to start the morning, I assure you.
Tasha made me this beautiful crocheted afghan, which is in my opinion the most beautiful creation in the world.  Not to mention, it's so warm... =)

Once up, we decided to try making some hairstyle tutorials!

Some of the pictures didn't turn out that great, but I'll see what I can do for them...  For now, here's a sneak peek.

In our Grey Sweaters.  And yes, I do look like some sort of overgrown giant... no comment.

Happy trails!

P.S. be on the lookout for an enormously exciting announcement coming soon!  
It's going to be big. =D


  1. Oh, How Perfectly Sweet... It sounds as though your Sleepover was Splendid indeed!! All the way into the next morning... I must say I did notice you were a bit taller in the picture...But I will also say that we SHORT girls are often Envious of you Tall ones... : ) And adorable matching sweaters... Can't wait to hear your Exciting News... Have a Blessed rest of the weekend

  2. Sounds like such a fun time! Love the matching sweaters!

  3. Oh sounds like you had a delightful time, and that afghan is so lovely!
    Your hair looks great and I cannot wait to hear about your announcement!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time was had! I am enthralled by the idea of you living in a tent :) how fabulous! I love these hairstyles and beautiful and timeless! I love braids :)

  5. You've got such a sweet blog! :)

  6. Sounds lovely! Think I'm going to have to plan my own little sleepover. :)

  7. That was the most AWESOME sleepover EVER!!!

    Absolutely - Colin Firth was infinitely more charming as Jack than as Darcy. No, I'm not sorry.
    I have The Importance of etc. requested because Alex simply has to see it:)

    I'm so glad you love your crocheted blanket=D
    And I was definitely having trouble with your camera...oh well.

    We look so cute in our matching sweaters! Just sayin'...;)

    Ok, I'll end this long comment now...
    Love you,

    P.S. You forgot to mention the smoke...=D

    P.S.S. Can I have some of the pictures? I've got to do my own post now.

  8. I love your blog, Kellie!
    My sisters and I enjoy Tangled too. We love to quote Flinn Rider, excuse me, Eugene FitzHerbert...
    -May MIchael

  9. What a beautiful post! It brought back many happy memories of sweet times with dear friends. You and Natasha are so blessed to have each other! Thank you for sharing.


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