Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All I have to say

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Whoever said that he who warms himself with wood warms himself twice obviously never actually got his own wood.
Because that's what I was doing all day, and I've been warmed through about twenty times already.  And the wood is still outside, stacked neatly under two cedar trees.  And it was a very cold day.  
And by the time all that wood is cut, hauled, and stacked, and I'm sitting by my fireside this winter, there's only going to be about half of what there was of me when I began anyway.

Therefore, by my reckoning, He who warms himself with wood warms himself approximately seventy eight and three quarters times...

...Per cord.

And that's all I have to say at the moment, being fully occupied with basking in my blazing wood fire.  Except that my mom and I collaborated on some darling new button and mirror designs featuring seamstressy themes that you simply must go check out!  More will be added as soon as I catch my breath.  These would make the absolute perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for all the crafty ladies in your life!

Vintage Seamstress 2.25 inch compact mirror

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  1. LOL! :) I totally understand. We heat with wood every winter. :)


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