Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Giveaway Update and a Great Big Number.

So, how are you all enjoying the Ginormous Giveaway?  For myself, three words would sum it up:
Overwhelmed.  Blessed.  Incredulous.
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This has turned out to be so much more than I ever dreamed of!  I have to confess, I had no thought of any sort of a celebration last Thursday.  By Friday, I realized that my one year Etsy anniversary was fast approaching, and it would be so fun to have some sort of celebration!  By Monday, the thing had exploded into a joyful avalanche of generosity, support, and camaraderie, and it's still hurtling along, gathering more and more support by the hour!

So, in light of everything, I have decided to make the fun extend for a whole month.
That's right, you have until December 7th to get in all of your entries, spread the word, and show some love to these incredible Etsy sponsors!  Let the party continue!

Also, by the way... We just passed fifteen thousand pageviews!  Less than three months ago this little blog was launched to the world, and I'm quite frankly flabbergasted.  You are all so awesome! =D

From the bottom of my heart,


  1. Great more party! Never can have too much that, right?! Congratulation on one year! We should make a cake!

  2. Oh yeah! Why cut the party short - can't have too much fun;)
    Congrats on 15,000 page views! That is awesome!!!
    See you Saturday, dear=)

  3. Go eat a doughnut, Ani.


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