Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gadanke - Inspired Journaling

I have such a treat for you all!

First, I completely fell in love with these clever and adorable journals from Gadanke.

The best thing about Gadanke journals is that they're compact, cute, and customizeable for any lifestyle.
- They're for people who say they never know what to write about. Gadanke journals have lots of writing prompts to help keep the ball rolling. 
- The journals are small, so they fit in your purse. A lot of women take them to the coffee shop. You could even journal sitting in the carpool lane! 
- The books give you a place to put your stuff. Date night movie ticket stubs? Vacation postcards? Paste them in or open the loose bindings and pop 'em in.
- And for those who wish they were craftier or want crafting to be easier and more fun, the tags, envelopes and super fun papers in the journals help bridge the gap and inspire you to start embellishing your pages.

Writing Prompt Journal - She: Me, My Life, My Days in aspen leaf green


Now for the best part!
The lovely Katie of Gadanke journals is offering my readers a 10% of coupon to her store!

Use discount code ACCORDION10 at checkout.
Coupon is good for the next five days only!

Hurry and get your fill of these treasures today!

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