Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snowbound In Canvas

Snowbound In Canvas ~

.  I created this treasury a few evenings ago, inspired by the whole mood of my little canvas cottage that night.  The hot tea, warm fire, pile of wood drying under the stove, and kitty snuggled on the bed, combined with the dusky, deeply white world outside, all seem embodied in this whimsical and cozy treasury.  This evening is much the same, except the presence of my four sisters, grouped on the bed and rocking chair.  We are listening to What Katy Did Next, and I'm loving the slightly Swedish accent of the reader!   (Edit: Ch. 3 has a great Aussie reader! =)

Well, my little corner of the world just had not quite two feet of snow dumped on it in the last three days!  I've been wrestling with my tent fly with all I've got the last three days, pushing, pulling, scraping the snow off... I'm starting to get exhausted;) I need to come up with a better fly system, and I think I've come up with a reasonably good plan - I'm just kind of in survival mode until my dad can get time to help me =)
And survival mode isn't so bad, once the outside chores are done - I slip down a deep, snowy path and through the fabric door onto my (now covered) porch - off with boots, scarf, coat, and all, in the dark, frozen but dry little room, then through the tent flap and into my warm, golden-lighted, cozy cave:)
I constructed a porch cover out of free cotton to keep snow from blowing onto my wood pile - now every time I go in or out I have to summon all of my sense of humor to be able to look at it.  You see, the free fabric consists of not one, but three different prints/colors - a peach and light green striped, a dark hunter solid, and, get this - a mid-blue liberally strewn with comical-looking santa clauses!

Oh my.  I said it.
Don't hold it against me, but remember instead dear Necessity, the mother of Invention.  Because my covered porch is really a very wonderful thing. =D

Well, I shall now retire to the rocking chair myself, to roast my toes and indulge in the venting of a (slight) case of Cabin Fever by getting out the accordion and singing some silly songs with my sisters at the top of our voices.

I'll be back soon!
Keep warm, friends!


P.S. There's still plenty of time to get in all of your entries in the Ginormous Giveaway!  Have you?


  1. Chuckling over your description of your porch cover;)

  2. Wow! Your little world sounds so lovely! I'm jealous over your snow; over here in Texas, the temp has yet to drop below 64 degrees. :[


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