Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge {Day Five}

Once again, I had to be my own photographer, and these pictures aren't top notch... my apologies =)

{Day Five} of the Fall Fashion Challenge.
Today's challenge is polka dots.

Polka dots + me = happy.

I decided to combine yesterday's challenge, a favorite fashion era, with today's.  Now, pretty much any era is my favorite when it comes to fashion... I love historical fashion, period.  Well, before, say, the 70's.  After that, I'm just not diggin' the threads.

Anyways, I went with the 50's for this outfit, because, to add to the equation above, 
Polka dots + pearls + big hats + The Grey Sweater + me = very happy.
And that's so 50's!
I also added the challenge from day two, which I also missed: unusual color combinations.  Navy & grey are definitely new for me=)  I love it!

I waited too long to get this done today, and the lighting was pretty bad in the tent - the only good one is below=)  So, I went out on the front porch, which is full of wood, kindling, and more wood at the moment.  Though not nearly enough... =)

The Grey Sweater - .... Floral tee - thrifted .... Navy polka dot half circle skirt - thrifted
Leather belt - thrifted .... Petticoat - made by me .... Black pumps - gift
Pearls - gift .... Black fleece-lined tights (So warm!:) - gift
Vintage navy hat with ostrich feathers - thrifted (I'll get some better pictures of it soon=)

Well, we still don't have any snow to speak of, but it's just around the corner...

 Happy trails, and keep warm, dears!


  1. Absolutely adorable! Love the skirt=) Thrift stores are so awesome.
    I'm going to call you later - we need to discuss Saturday.
    Your loving,

  2. This is simply magnificent Kellie! I love your fashion taste!

  3. I love your taking pictures with that old mirror. So sweet! You'r outfit is great, (they always are). :)

  4. Ooh, your outfit is wonderfully '50's, and your photos play with that so well! I love that you combined three challenges at once. Brave lady!

    (Also, the name of your blog cracks me up. It makes me wish that I could A. play the accordion, and B. travel back in time so I could steal the idea!)

  5. You have the most adorable outfits, Kellie!

  6. Thanks so much, girls! You are all so sweet:)

    And Rachel, so glad you like my blog name=) I love it, but I know some people (like my brother) pretend that the pun makes them nauseous... =D

  7. Thrift stores rule. :-D

    QUOTE: "...I know some people (like my brother) pretend that the pun makes them nauseous...."

    Sounds like my brother. I make a joke, and he groans...or pretends to smack me, LOL. Must be a brother-thing. :-P

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  8. I agree with your brother.

  9. You would, Ani, you would. Have you eaten that doughnut yet? It might improve your outlook on life... Sir.

  10. what a great outfit!!!

    found you via the FTLOB bloglovin link up... I'm following you!

    -Ashley Marie


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