Friday, November 25, 2011

Outfit: Gathered Together

mint striped boat neck tee...thrifted  ~  heart
folk roses print Walk in the Woods skirt...made by me  ~  Italian leather belt...thrifted

My Thanksgiving outfit.  This is such a fun ensemble to wear, with it's whimsical mishmash of folk print and nautical stripe, while the gold accents of the locket and buckle lend a simple, woodsy touch.

I did my hair in a very quick, go-to method for putting some curl in my 'do, and though I didn't get a picture of the finished result, I have some quick snapshots of the method I used.  I have plans for some hairstyle tutorial videos in the near future - just as soon as I get some recording equipment set up;)  When then happens, I'll do this style properly from start to finish, but till then, enjoy this simple step-by-step for inspiration!

The night before, put your hair in a simple braid, tying it off with the elastic band about 6-7 inches from the end.  Section off the remaining hair in 4-5 strands using foam rollers.  Apply hairspray if desired...=)

Enjoy your lovely night's rest - this method is so nice to sleep on!

Next day, 
carefully remove rollers, and fluff the individual curls into separate ringlets with your fingers.
leave loose, or style as desired!  Yesterday, I twisted all of my hair into a half bun, leaving the curled ends free, but semi-confining the bulk of my tresses in anticipation of preparing food and playing wild games of Pictionary later on;)  
I didn't get a picture of the finished style, but I'm planning to do a video soon...

We spent the day at some dear friend's house along with two other families.  It was a wonderful day of feasting, fellowship, and merriment - besides Pictionary, some did puzzles or Scrabble, some read and discussed scripture passages, some went hunting (no luck:) and some *ahem* had multiple blissful napping sessions... There was a giant paper tree taped to the door, and everyone wrote things they were thankful for on leaves cut from construction paper.  The door was soon a crowded blaze of multi-colored emblems of gratitude.


And this morning, my sister and I got up early, before anyone else was awake...
...snuck over the to the trailer, and loaded up on delectable leftovers!  We picked up another early-bird sister on the way, and all rushed in a group back to my tent for a party.  The stove once blazing, we snuggled up with our stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, hot chocolate, and pumpkin pie to watch The Moon-Spinners. =D

So much nicer than squirming through frenzied crowds to empty my wallet... though one of these years,  I think it would be fun to brave town on the third Friday in November;)

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday, full of joy and gratitude.

Have a wonderful evening, y'all!


  1. I love that outfit! The colors look so great together. I also love that you made that skirt!

    stopping by from weekend wander and i'll be back!
    Liesi @ Too Crewel

  2. Very cute outfit:) Sounds like a simply wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Isn't The Moon-Spinners too fun?! Love that movie. And Thanksgiving leftovers.

    If the weather holds, maybe I could come up for a day next week...? =)

    Love you,

  3. P.S. When you do decide to brave Black Friday, let me know and we can go together;)

  4. @Liesi - Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @ Tasha - The Moon-Spinners was so fun - we were all in stitches at the sacred cats in the temple=) And Ellen and I both exclaimed 'Calveras!' at the same moment;)

    Yes, I think you should definitively come over very soon... we'll keep in touch.

  5. Sounds lovely!

    The Moon Spinners is an amazing movie--we've been watching it since I was tiny and I hold it responsible for my love of 60's fashion and Greece. ( =

    Your blog is like fresh air--so beautiful!

    In Christ,

  6. Great idea, I will be trying it soon! Could you also tie the ends in rags like rag curls perhaps?


  7. Thanks for stopping by, Emily! The frocks are so adorable, aren't they?

    Rosi, you absolutely could! Happy curling=)


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